Knifes: The Whole Point of Cooking

Knives are one of the most useful commercial restaurant supply. A quality set of   knives will allow you to prepare food much easier, and they will last a long time. Knives are a great investment. If you purchase inferior quality knives, they may last a couple years  at best. A good set of knives will likely come with a warranty, some even for life. So how do you buy the right knives and do you go with a serrated edge or a straight edge?

First, you want to make sure that the knife fits comfortably in  your hand. You need to make sure it’s going to be comfortable to use, so it’s better to buy these in person than on the web. The material that the knife is made of should be easy to sharpen. Knives go dull very quickly and if you don’t have a good knife to work with, your job will be a lot harder. Also, people have respect for sharp knives, but not so much for one that is dull. Dull knives still cut and can slice a finger.


A proper knife set should have the following: a fillet knife, paring knife, serrated knife, chef’s knife, and a series of steak knives. A good set should also come with various other pieces like scissors. Keeping the knives razor sharp is advantageous for cooking. Also, washing them by hand is also better than dishwashers. Dishwashers with their heat cycles and various soaking times can rust out even the best knives quickly. There are two ways that you can store these knives. You can either use a metal strip on the wall to have them adhere to it by magnets, or you can use a storage block. Storage blocks are the best option in a home where there is children or numerous knives.

knife and cutting board

Like hat and glove, a good knife is a partner to a cutting board. Whether it is wood or marble makes no difference, to really allow those knives to do their thing, they need a surface to work on. The ones made of pliable silicone make clean up a snap. Always be sure to use separate cutting boards for the meat and one for vegetables. Also, make sure that you always use proper sanitation to prevent any type of cross-contamination that can occur. Two things a kitchen should never be without are knives and a good cutting board.