Tips for Beach stag parties

With pool and beach stag parties, the rage now; you never know when you get an invitation to one ( Keeping that in mind, it is essential to have beach party-appropriate clothing and accessories in your wardrobe all the time. You may or may not have a toned body, but you can make up for it with some stylish beachwear. Here’s a guide for your next beach party.

Choose A Stylish T-Shirt

Finally, get rid of your old t-shirt and choose something stylish. Just because it’s a party in the water doesn’t mean you have to wear your worn-out clothes. Nothing beats a V-neck t-shirt in muted hues like grey. If you’re fond of darker or bolder colors, feel free to go for it. For those who are embarrassed about showing their chest hair, either get used to it or go for a good wax or shave.

Wear Shorter Swimming Trunks

The swim trunks that extend below the knee are simply old-fashioned. Be a man, show some leg in a pair of stylish, short swim trunks ( . Settle for light colors like powder blue, neon green, or soft yellow, which will make a stunning contrast with your skin once you get that tan.

Invest In Good Sunglasses

An outdoor party means being exposed to the sun, calling for a good pair of sunglasses. To protect your eyes, even more, choose a pair of polarised sunglasses, which will also hide your eyes. Go for soft edges rather than the traditional Aviators. These look different and more appealing than your average shades.

Throw Out Your Sandals

As mentioned earlier, sandals are old fashioned and make you look like you’ve just stepped out of the shower. Instead, choose a pair of stylish loafers in shades like black or navy. There are loafers available mainly to be worn around water, so getting one of those would be stylish as well as a comfy addition to your beach party attire.

Get Manly Towels

Still stuck with your Mickey Mouse printed towel? Keep them at home when you go to a beach stag parties if you don’t want to embarrass yourself. Man up, and get yourself a more appropriate towel, either in a solid hue or with stripes, also keep away your regular bath towel, since it would most likely be worn and discolored (maybe even dirty).

Make Use Of A Man Bag

Carrying your essentials in a plastic shopping bag is plain easy. To impress everyone with your thoughtful accessorizing, choose men’s bag online that is stylish without looking like a purse. You can also go for a holdall; just make sure they are waterproof in case they get wet.

There you go ( . With this list of beach stag party essentials, you can be expected to get it right the next time you’re at a pool party. If you’re a girl reading this, help your man with his beach stag party attire with these tips.