Baking Up Quality Treats

While setting up any kitchen, you are going to need some great baking pans. There are so many on the market that you may wonder what you need and what is a waste of money? There are a few basic pans that every home should have.

9×11 Cake Pan
This pan is used for baking cakes and other desserts. You can make lasagna, meatloaf and tons of other treats in this large space too.2010-11-27-cookie-baking2-500

8×8 Square
The 8×8 square is often called the brownie pan. While you can make brownies in this small delight, it’s also great for other smaller dishes too.

Loaf Pan
The loaf pan is for all those who are going to make bread. From banana nut to homemade buttery white, it’s the best pan for the job. A meatloaf also has a uniform shape when made in a loaf pan.

chocolate tarts on a baking sheet

 Cookie Sheet
You can use these sheets for just about anything. Cook your pizza,  cinnamon rolls, cookies and anything else you can think of on  these sheets. They also work great to set something on while  cooking so that it doesn’t spill all over the stove.

 Pie Pan
The round pie pan is great for making treats. Even if you’re not a  pie lover, you can use this pan for many other things too.